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About Doerz Fitness

About Doerz Fitness



To bring awareness and improve the quality of life in our communities through fitness. 




To give our clients the most compelling personal training experience possible, while leading them to achieve their highest level of SUSTAINABLE fitness goals.

Doerz Fitness; Is more than just FITNESS... It's a lifestyle that represents the physical, spiritual, and professional pursuit of all that is possible.  

It’s about having a shift of mindset that fuels forward motion in every aspect of your life, starting with fitness. We represent those who have the courage and faith to DEMAND MORE OUT OF LIFE.  So essentially, YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO!


In a world that demands results without effort, gratification without delay, victory without grit, the first step towards success is the true acceptance of the process required.


What to Expect from Our Coaches

Doerz Fitness Coaches prepare customized, personalized workout plans based on YOUR needs and goals. They will explain how each exercise and each workout will help you achieve your specific goals.


They will help you learn what foods and supplements will help fuel your workouts and what will help on the days you are NOT in the gym. With a DOERZ Fitness Coach, you will never feel unprepared to come into the gym again.

Success comes easy with the proper guidance, accountability, and consistency. Our Coaches will help ensure that success by giving all of their clients the tools necessary to achieve ANY and ALL fitness goals, no matter how big or small they may seem.

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The DOERZ Difference

  • Commitment: We commit ourselves to the pursuit of fitness for individuals on any level. We are committed to having a better understanding of the priorities, goals, and passions of our clients. Through this understanding, we strive to constantly create services and offerings to support the personal growth of our members.

  • Integrity: We strive to make the conscious choice to follow through and do the “right” thing everyday and in every decision.

  • Perseverance: We are dedicated to achieving the goals of our clients. Our success depends entirely on helping our clients work towards achieving their goals.

  • Growth: We strive to constantly expand our knowledge base and educate our clients with the knowledge we acquire. Our community places their trust in us, and we will invest our time and energy to ensure that trust is repaid with the best instruction, guidance and knowledge we can acquire.

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